Ginsch Liqueur

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Ginsch is a Gin liqueur aged in a Kölsch beer barrel. It is produced in an innovative process, completely without artificial flavors or other artificial additives. For the production, we first store Kölsch beer in a wooden oak barrel. During storage, the staves of the barrel absorb the Kölsch aromas. After several months of aging, the barrel is emptied and then filled with Gin. We do not use conventional Gin for this, but distill it from juniper, hops and malt. That is, the typical ingredients of a Kölsch beer can also be found here. Subsequently, the Gin matures in the barrel. Through this, it takes on flavor and its natural golden color. The barrel-aged Gin is then adjusted to drinking strength and in the last step refined with honey to a Gin liqueur.

Ginsch Drinking Recommendation

Ginsch is malty sweet in taste with tart notes of juniper. It is drunk neat, preferably iced.