Absinthe Wormwood Bitters

Absinthe Womwood Bitters
You love the aromatic taste of wormwood? Then ALANDIA Wormwood Bitters are a must! We developed them to experience the full flavor of the iconic ingredient of Absinthe: Wormwood. That’s why our Wormwood Bitters are made from nothing but great wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), meaning the bottle contains 100% wormwood. No more and no less. The aromatic flavor is achieved through a composition of distilled and macerated wormwood, further intensified by steam distilled wormwood oil. Being intense, Wormwood Bitters are bottled in an eyedropper bottle for easy dosing. The alcohol content is set at 40% by volume, so you can use the bitters for other creative ideas as well.

Absinthe Bitters: How to use them

There are many ways to use Absinthe Bitters. First, of course, you can add a few drops to your Absinthe. This will make the Absinthe gain strength and flavor. We recommend 30-35 drops for a glass of Absinthe, which sounds a lot, but 20 drops equals just 1 ml. In addition, you can of course use the bitters for cocktails. Again, the drops give the drink a slightly bitter, aromatic twist. A very nice cocktail for the bitters is for example the classic Sazerac Absinthe Cocktail (you can find the recipe further down the page). But of course you can also use the bitters for any other drink of your choice. For example, add a few drops to beer, vodka, gin or any non-alcoholic drink/juice (Cola, Sprite and grape juice are delicious). You’ll be surprised what the drops do taste-wise! The fascinating thing about Wormwood Bitters is that you can use them like flavor drops to add a “Green Fairy Touch” to all your drinks (and foods).
Absinthe Wormwood Bitters: Best Cocktail Bitters for Sazerac and Old Fashioned
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