0221 Bierlikör

0221 Bierlikör

The basis of 0221 Bierlikör (beer liqueur) is Kölsch (beer made in Cologne). We first let this mature for several months in oak barrels. The Kölsch absorbs the wood notes of the barrel and is refined in taste by the storage. For the final liqueur, the barrel-aged beer is distilled and refined into the liqueur. For refinement we use honey, which gives the beer liqueur its delicate golden color in addition to rounding off its taste.

0221 Beer Liqueur Drinking Recommendation

In the vernacular, Cologne is also affectionately known as the northernmost city in Italy. What is La Dolce Vita and Limoncello there, becomes La Kölsche Vita and 0221 in Cologne.

0221 Beer Liqueur Radler Edition is sweet in taste, with a refreshing-sour lemon kick in the finish. This means, not only sweet but also sour, that’s how 0221 tastes.

If you like, you can also use 0221 as an ingredient for an 0221 Spritz. Here is the recipe for the refreshing summer drink:

  • 2 oz / 60 ml 0221 Beer Liqueur
  • 4 oz / 120 ml sparkling wine
  • A shot of tonic water
  • Serve with ice, lemon wedge and a peppermint sprig