Absinthe Verte Barrique

Absinthe Barrique
ALANDIA Verte Édition Barrique is a barrel-aged Absinthe based on our ALANDIA Verte Absinthe. However, after distillation, the Absinthe is aged for another 15 months in French oak white wine barrels. The barrels originate from the wine-growing region of the Loire. The storage in oak barrels gives the Absinthe a particularly soft and complex taste. The typical freshness of the herbs is joined by complex notes of vanilla, caramel and forest honey. When water is added, the Absinthe clouds from its initial natural golden-brown color to a beautiful amber white.

How to drink Barrique Absinthe

There are numerous ways to enjoy ALANDIA Verte Édition Barrique: (1.) Neat like a classic after-dinner digestif, i.e., like a whiskey or brandy, for example. (2.) Mixed with a little ice water or ice. This method releases more aromas and flavors. (3.) Or prepared in the traditional way with a sugar cube and ice water. By adding water, the Absinthe begins to cloud and the sweetness of the sugar pleasantly expands the flavor profile. We recommend ALANDIA Verte Édition Barrique to both beginners and connoisseurs. Beginners will greatly appreciate the smooth yet complex flavor of this Absinthe. Experienced Absintheurs can focus their concentration on the additional flavor components gained through aging.
Preparing Absinthe: ALANDIA Verte Édition Barrique (barrel-aged)
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