Absinthe Suisse La Bleue

Suisse La Bleue is a traditional clear Absinthe from Switzerland. At the time of the Belle Epoque, Switzerland was home to many famous Absinthe distilleries, as particularly aromatic wormwood could be grown in the fertile mountain valleys with their lush meadows. In addition, the short geographical distance to France was a clear competitive advantage. Genuine La Bleue Absinthes are always a clear distillate, i.e. they are not colored green with herbs. They also traditionally have a slightly lower alcohol content of 53 instead of the usual 68%. The name La Bleue refers to the slightly bluish haze that sets in when you dilute the Absinthe with water. Once tasted, one falls in love with the “honeyed” taste of this Absinthe from the first sip. For a La Bleue is exceptionally aromatic without any alcoholic sharpness. Sugar is not really needed, as the higher anise and fennel content provides a natural sweetness.

Story of the Absinthe label

The label of our Suisse La Bleue Absinthe with the strikingly ugly monk tells an interesting story. On the left side, blooming landscapes and the date 1291 depict the birth of Switzerland. On the right side are gloomy debauched landscapes with the date 1910, the year Absinthe was banned in Switzerland. The creepy monk, whose blue cross symbolizes the League of Prohibitionists, has defeated the Green Fairy. As you can already guess, the historical Absinthe poster is an ironic, critical representation of its time. The ban on Absinthe was never welcomed by the Swiss population. Clandestine Absinthes, i.e. black-fired Absinthes, were still available here even after the ban. In clear color, not dyed green as usual, so that the authorities could not recognize the Absinthe at first glance during a control…
Absinthe Suisse La Bleue: The Absinthe Original from Switzerland
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