Absinthe Hamlet Classic Green

Absinthe Hamlet Classic Green
Absinthe Hamlet Classic Green is made for those Absintheurs who are looking for the most classic, yet exceptional Absinthe. Its recipe is based on the traditional Absinthe herbs wormwood (artemisia absinthium), anise and fennel. Taste-wise, Hamlet Classic is surprisingly mild despite the wormwood and its high alcohol content of 69%. This results from the fact that vanilla and some cinnamon are also used in the recipe. In terms of appearance, Hamlet Classic Green is – as its name suggests – green in color. Just as it should be for a real Absinthe. The green color is plant-baed and comes from the plant pigment chlorophyll.

Hamlet Classic Green in Skull bottle

When ice-cold water is added, Hamlet Classic Green clouds into a beautiful milky white. In technical terminology, this is called the “louche”. Of course, the unusual packaging of Hamlet Absinthe should also be emphasized. The skull looks particularly real and creepy. After use, the bottle can also be reused (up-cycled). It is suitable for example as an unusual oil or vinegar dispenser and as a creepy flower vase. We would like to point out at this point that Absinthe is not (!) hallucinogenic drug. You won’t see pink-red elephants after a few glasses (sorry :)). Despite everything, Hamlet Classic should be consumed responsibly because of its high alcohol content of 69%.
Absinth Totenkopf Flasche: Hamlet Classic Green
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