Absinthe Gold68

Absinthe Gold68
Absinthe Gold68 is an anise-free Absinthe. Instead, orange and lemon peels are used in the recipe. This provides a fresh taste that combines with the slightly bitter notes of wormwood to create an overall aromatic picture. But don’t expect traditional Absinthe. Gold68 is different. Since anise and fennel are not part of the recipe, the taste is much softer and smoother. Gold68 also doesn’t cloud when you mix it with cold water. That’s because the essential oils of anise and fennel in Absinthe are usually responsible for that. But this is not necessarily a disadvantage. Gold68 is also suitable for mixing long drinks or cocktails because it does not contain these herbs. We like, for example, the mixture of Gold68 with ginger beer, ginger ale, tonic water, cola or who likes it, Enegry Drink. However, the alcohol content is a strong 68%, the traditional alcohol content of Absinthe. In this respect, we recommend a responsible consumption of these drinks…

Anise-Free Absinthe Gold68

To sum it up, Gold68 is particularly suitable for those Absintheurs who are looking for a strong Absinthe but do not like the typical anise flavor of Absinthe. Gold68 is the anise-free sister of our best-selling Absinthe Strong68. By definition Gold68 is not a traditional Absinthe, but sometimes less is more.
Absinthe Gold68: Non-licorice Absinthe (made without anise)
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